Anna Vinayagar College of Education

Affiliated to Tamilnadu Teachers Education University, Chennai

Extracurricular Activities

Extracurricular Activities

College Activities

School Internship

Every prospective teacher of Second year should complete 16 weeks of intensive teaching practice as directed by the Principal, in a recognized High School or Higher Secondary School. The first year prospective teachers should complete 4 weeks of internship. Each prospective teacher is expected to show full dedication, communication and involvement in these session of internship.

Sports and Health Club

Realizing the importance of Sports and Games for overall development of an individual, we have included it as integral part of our curriculam. The physical education programme of the college aims at promoting team spirit, sportsmanship, forbearance and endurance. Every year this club organizes Training in Yoga.




Seminars are regularly conducted in our college which provides prospective teachers an opportunity to listen lectures of expert on varied topics. Competent personnel from other education colleges and from other institutions are invited as resource persons. Seminars help in stimulating creative and intellectual skills and enables prospective teachers to develop their unique pedagogy.

Drama and Art Education

Communication becomes more effective when it is done creatively and artistically. Prospective teachers are given training in Arts, Crafts, Drawing, and Painting and how to apply them in teaching. We engage the prospective teachers to nurture and build their sensitivities through drama based on experience, emotions and interpretation. Also they are trained to apply fine arts and music for teaching their concerned school subjects.

Language Lab

Soft Skills are indispensable in today’s competitive world. Confidence to communicate comes naturally to a person who has mastered the nuances of language. Since good pronunciation is essential to talk better, we have a well-equipped language lab in our college. Prospective teachers can practice phonetics and intonation, by encoding and listening to their own talk.Teachers can listen to individual prospective teacher and correct them as and when required.

Socially Useful Productive Work

Socially Usefull Productive Work

Communication becomes more effective when it is done creatively and artistically. Arts, Crafts, Drawing, Painting, Sculpture, Embroidery, Photography, Screen Printing, and Glass Painting are some of the ways in which the prospective teachers are encouraged to develop their creativity.

Citizenship Training Camp

Citizenship Training Camp

Citizenship Training Camp aims at developing social skills and civic sense. To inculcate the qualities like team spirit, leadership quality, initiativeness, creativity, self-confidence and decision- making skill, this training programme is conducted. Five days citizenship training camp which comprises yoga, meditation, health awareness, traffic rules, principles of safety and first aid, fundamental rights, duties and responsibilities of a citizen, personality development etc., is organized to make the prospective teachers aware of the values of responsible citizen.

Alumni Association

Alumni Association

Our former prospective teachers are our valuable assets. Every year a meeting of alumni association is conducted. Since most of our former prospective teachers are well-placed and successful they are a source of inspiration for the present batch of prospective teachers. It also enables the alumni to have a good rapport with members of their alma mater.

Guidance & Counseling Cell

Guidance & Counseling is an important part in both the educational and the psychological field of study. To cope with the pressures of the competitive world, prospective teachers are given counseling in our college. With the aim of established a career guidance cell. The functions of the career guidance cell are collection, compilation and dissemination of information regarding various competitive examinations, distance education courses, scholarships, grants and educational loans available for the prospective teachers.

Harassment Complaint Committee

In order to redress harassment in the Higher Educational Institutions, our Goverment has issued guidelines to constitute Harassment complaint committee in the institutions. The objective of our college Harassment complaint committee is to create safe campuses for students, staff and faculty to function without fear, threat or anxiety. The rules and regulations are meant to ensure highest standards of honesty and integrity from all stakeholders.

Grievance Redressal Cell

Our institution has established the Grievance Redressal mechanism to deal with grievances if any received from the Student-teachers of our institution. The key objective of this cell is to rectify the grievances of the student-teachers to their satisfaction in accordance with the applicable laws, and to protect and safeguard the interests of the student-teachers in the Curricular and Co-Curricular activities of the institution.

Anti-ragging Committee

Ragging is any act which causes psychological or physiological harm of apprehension or shame or embarrassment to a student. This committee has been formed to create a healthy and congenial atmosphere environment in the campus and to generate a disciplined atmosphere in the campus.

Students' Union Committee

The Students’ Union Committee of our college enhances the overall educational experiences of students through development activities. It promotes involvement and leadership qualities in departmental programs and to collaborate with student affairs. It elects the Office bearers and members of the executive committe for proper functioning at the departmental and college level.

Subject Associations

Subject associations are essential part of scholastic activities. It helps in strengthening the academics. Student learning could be optimum and productive when we sap the talent of the students in the subjects of their interest. The subject associations of our college helps in developing thinking skills, encourage innovations, update the knowledge, ignite for higher order learning, enhance the quality of academic transactions, bring out the potential, develops exploring attitude, encourages to take up and implement constructive activities, to conduct field studies/visits, prepare exhibits and models. It promotes discussion, cooperation, team spirit and enthusiasm in learning.

Research Committee

The purpose of research is progress and good life. Good education has been recognized as the basis of individual and social development. Educationists are constantly searching for more effective methods of instruction. To realize goal, the educational efforts has to be expanded, more facilities must be provided; more teachers must be trained; new curricula must be developed; and new teaching masteries must be provided. The research committee of our College thus provides ample opportunities for the teachers to do research in education.

Women Harassment Cell

The Women Harassment Cell of our college has been established to safeguard the self-esteem and rights of the women in the college. The cell attends to various complaints from the women in the campus, especially to issues regarding women harassment. It provides adequate and effective assistance regarding the treatment of complaints. It assures appropriate and prompt actions relevant to the issues.

Discipline Committee

The College disciplinary committee inculcates disciplinary values among our student-teachers. The student-teachers are motivated to observe discipline and décorus behavior both inside and outside the campus. Disobedience, irregular attendance, bad conduct and non- observance of the rules of the college are dealt with strong disciplinary action.

Club Activities

Red Ribbon Club

Red Ribbon is an effort by Alee Club which is a registered voluntary organization established with support of like minded people crusading against all the social events affecting our society. The aim of this club is giving awareness about social to our student- teachers by conducting severed programmes. Which are eye-openers for their social life.

Consumer Club

In the ministry of Consumer Affairs, food and public distribution is the nodal department in the Central government to deal with the various matters related to the protection and welfare of the consumers in the country. The objectives of the consumer club in our college is to educate student- teacher about the rights of the consumers as provided in the consumer protection Act 1986 . It imparts knowledge about the role of the consumers in protection of their rights to strengthen the consumer movement in the country.

Parent Teachers Association

Parent Teachers Association

The Parent Teachers Association of the college provides remarkable support to the activities of the institution. The PTA assists the overall development of students by extending financial and other supports to the curricular activities of the student –teachers. This association works for the welfare of the student- teachers and the institution and offers constructive suggestions for the smooth and successful functioning of the college.

Tamil Literary Association

Tamil Literary Association

The aim of the association is to identify the oratory and other individual skills among the student-teachers and encourage them. Every year the association carries out its activities under a working committee that is formed with teachers and student representatives. Love towards tamil literature is motivated through various activities like guest lectures, debates and skit etc.

English Literary Association

English Literary Association

The English Literary Association named as “ Shakespeare Club” is an epitome of dialectal essence which serves as a platform to pursue the student-teachers teachers love towards literature beyond the classrooms. The main aim of the association is to enhance the English knowledge among the student- teachers helping them to tackle placements and also relive them of Stage fear. On its beautiful part it conducts several events such as debate , drama, creative writing oratorical through which the literature can be exposed.

Mathematics Club

Mathematics Club

The Mathematics club of our College is named as “Math Masters”. The main objective of the club is to widen the outlook of the teacher trainees and to enable them to apply their knowledge of Mathematics in life situations. In order to help the teacher trainees to understand the latest development in Mathematics, seminars and quiz programs are organized.

Fine Arts Club

Fine Arts Club

Fine Arts Club

Fine Arts Club

The College provides ample opportunities for the students to develop their artistic talents. Teacher trainees of our college are divided into four houses. The fine arts club of our college conducts several competitions to ensure the enhancement of all round development of personality of our student-teachers. This club motivates and prepares our student-teachers to participate in various inter- collegiate competitions.

Commerce Association

The Commerce Association constantly encourages the student teachers to analyze the changes taking place in the business environment in order to enhance their theoretical and practical knowledge of the subject. The main objectives of the club are to expose the student teachers to meet the practical challenges in the current business scenario and build self confidence and proactive approach. In order to expose the hidden talents, the club organizes some activities like business quiz, group discussion, business day, debate on current business issues, and guest lectures.

History Association

The History Association has been formed to improve the relationship among the people in the society and to it develop a rich social values among the student-teachers. The main aim of this association is to develop good citizenship values and civic responsibility. This club motivates the student-teachers to become more actively involve in their community organizations that have a historical or political purpose.

Health Club

The aim of our college Health Club is to guide the student-teachers to attain optimum health. It favourably influences the good habits, attitude and knowledge relating to an individual and Community. This club provides physical training like Yoga, receptive games and play etc. to develop physical and mental fitness among student-teachers.

Science Association

Our college Science Club is functions with an aim of developing genuine interest in Science. Our club also develops scientific fixtures and creates a scientific outlook among the student-teachers. It also teachers the principles of science applied in our day to day life and provides our student-teachers to the recent advancements in science and technology and develops their manual skills.

Youth Red Cross

Youth Red Cross club educates the youth about the understanding and acceptance of civic responsibilities and acting accordingly with humanitarian concern. It helps to create an awareness of health and care. It inculcates in the youth the spirit of service and sense of duty. It also fosters better friendly relationships with all without any discrimination.Varoius programmes like AIDS Awareness Programme , Blood Donation Camp and Eye Awareness Camp have been organized.

Eco Club

Eco Club

Eco club creates awareness, build attitudes and helps student-teachers to take up activities in real world. It promotes the participation of student- teachers in learning about environment and its allied problems and to take necessary measures to ensure safe environment.

Quiz Club

The main objective of our college Quiz Club is to encourage the students to foster desire for knowledge and boost confidence among the children. This club popularize quizzing activities among students. It instills in our students the values of knowledge, wisdom and compassion to make them smart citizens. It inculcates among the students positive thinking, creates an ambiance for greater competitiveness, grooming varied skill and intellectual pursuits.