Anna Vinayagar College of Education

Affiliated to Tamilnadu Teachers Education University, Chennai


Anna Vinayagar, after whom the Trust and the Institution run by it are named,is the presiding deity of the Anna Vinayagar Temple, Ganapathipuram. The AnnaVinayagarDevasthanam (AVD), Ganapathipuram was formed in the year 1930. In1932, AVD started a Textile Industrial School at Ganapathipuram. Later on in theyear 1947, AVD started a Middle School. It was upgraded as a Higher SecondarySchool in 1976. ln the year 1996, Anna Vinayagar Educational and Cultural Trustwas formed as an offspring of the Anna VinayagarDevasthanam (AVD),Ganapathipuram. In the year 2000, AVEC Trust started an Industrial TrainingInstitute (ITI). As the ITI is conducting motor mechanic course, a Governmentrecognized Driving School was started subsequently as a supportive institution.Later, in 2007, Anna Vinayagar College of Education was founded with the nobleideal of imparting training to graduates of rural area.